How to fix Learn Korean with BTS’s MotiPen

If like me, you spent days looking all over the internet for a way to fix your motipen after having messed it up accidentally but found nothing to help fix it, you’re in the right place.

A little backstory: my sister bought the “Learn Korean with TinyTan” series that comes with the purple motipen. Without reading the instructions that clearly state DO NOT CHARGE YOUR MOTIPEN WITH ANY OTHER CHARGER THAT IS NOT THE ONE THAT CAME WITH THE MOTIPEN, she tried to charge the motipen with a different charger and got the ominous “this pen needs to be inspected” message, after which the motipen would just shut down. When you turn it on, the motipen would greet you and then give you the message, followed by the shutdown message.

Learn Korean with TinyTan’s Motipen

If this happens to you, you had only one option, buy a new motipen. I don’t know you, but I’m one of the poor ARMY and can’t afford to buy multiple motipens so I searched online everywhere to see if anyone else had the same problem to see how they fixed it and that way I wouldn’t have to spend 70+ dollars in a replacement motipen, but I couldn’t find a single article or video that would help.

I figured that maybe if I updated the firmware it would reset itself and get back to normal but the motipen manager was not recognizing the pen.

So, without further ado, here’s what I did to fix the motipen.

So, what did I do? I got my screwdriver and opened it of course! lol

I had no idea of what I was going to do once open because I have ZERO experience fixing anything ut I figured, maybe if I just disconnect everything inside and reconnect it, maybe it will reset itself.

So first, I unscrewed the first screw that is in the back of the motipen. You need a really small screwdriver to get this done because the screw is really small. Be careful not to lose it because you will need it when you need to close it again once fixed, I know it sounds obvious but the screw is so small that I almost lost it multiple times so put it in a place you know you won’t misplace it while you are working to fix the motipen.

This type of small screwdriver is what you will need.

Once you unscrew it, you can remove the back piece off the motipen and you will see the internal structure.

This is what it looks like once opened

Next, you will need to unscrew these two even smaller screws on each side of the pen.

Remove the two screws shown above

After removing those, be careful lifting up the entire motherboard, the motherboard is the screen part that is below every part holding everything together.

Be careful not to break any pieces of the sensor which is the part that reads the letters and translates it to be heard through the speakers.

This is the sensor

You are going to CAREFULLY pull out the sensor and remove it from the motherboard.

As you can see in the picture, there is a small piece that unites de sensor to the motherboard, you will see a small flap that you are going to pull up to release the sensor so that you can pull it out.

Once out, you are going to wait a few minutes and then put it back in, making sure that the flap is pushed back down to secure the sensor to the motherboard again.

Introduce the sensor back into the pen making sure that the parts of the motherboard align with the slots on the pan and push it down.

Now, open your motipen manager and log in to your Weverse account. Your web browser will open and take you to the Weverse login page.

Motipen manager login screen

Once you try to login, you might get a “this page is not available right now” message. Don’t worry. Just close the browser and go back to the manager to try again.

If your login attempt was successful you will see this message.

Motipen manager login complete message

Go back to the motipen manager and click on “Motipen Information”. You will see this screen:

Motipen Manager page

Now connect your motipen to your computer WITH THE CABLE THAT CAME WITH THE MOTIPEN. This is important. DO NOT connect your motipen with a different USB cable, and turn it on.

Once you turn it on, your computer should be able to recognize your motipen now. The light will flash blue and red and then a purple light will stay on and your computer will open a folder with the contents of the motipen. Close that folder and open the motipen manager.

At this point you can just follow the Firmware Update Guide steps shown in this video.

And that’s it, folks! Once your pen finishes updating you can turn it on and see that the error message is no longer there and you can enjoy your motipen without having to reorder it.

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